wat is art?

interviews and the artist perspective


Photo[art]grapher, Graphic Design, Web Design & Publishing
in pursuit of Sustainable Lifestyle & Manifesting Dreams into reality
mother, graphic artist, web design, promoter, volunteer, photographer, dooferologist, friend, ideas person, traveller…

TR: How would you describe your art?

WG: All of my art and pretty much all i do in like is first and foremost thru my Intuition, hence why now i call myself an Intuitive Digital Artist. I dont have a ‘picture’ or any sense of direction of what im about to create.. I put on some music and kickstart my tools (computer, photoshop, etc) and just begin… Most of my art tends to stay within catergories of Nature, Visionary, Psychedelic, Spiritual energy types.. and also i love playing with fractals.

Even my photography, its all by instincts as im quite clueless with the technical side of photography, but i seem to be good at creating ‘something’ with the shots i take and photoshop.

TR: You’re quite prolific in your creativity. How do you explain that?

WG: Once again, it comes down to listening to my inner heart vision.. Instincts. Im all self taught (whilst i raised my four kids on my own) and i jump from one style to the other, inspired by the day im having, the music im listening to, or images i see in books and online that must seep within my soul over the years.. which doesnt neccesarily comes out straight away.. I think what i absorb sits within me and comes out when the time is right.

TR: What surprises you about other peoples reactions to your work?

WG: Everything! CuZ for a long time, i didnt see my art as worthy of any accolades. I think this is because i see others better than me, and they’ve been fortunate enough to go to art school, train, study – and i always assume what i do/create is easy peasy, and that anyone can do it too…... if they have the utmost belief in self, which ive come to realise (and been told) that i have extra than most people. Belief and trust in self and the universe.

TR: Is there any subject or inspiration that you keep coming back to?

WG: All of nature, Music and the energy music gives out, especially dancing and how both music and nature’s simple energy can change everything around us..

TR: What are your personal goals in your work?

WG: Pursuit of a Sustainable Lifestyle.. to follow the words of Rumi “Let the Beauty of what you love, be what you do”. To give my heart and soul to creating art of all kinds in total belief that it will then love me back (look after me) as in financially.. so that i have just enough to pay rent, eat, and travel, and with that it also (work/art) nourishes my soul and makes me wake up each day, looking forward to something new that i may see or create.. to share, sell or inspire others…

TR: What makes something ART to you?

WG: ART to me is made when we shed all the material things we THINK we need to make art.. Its not the expensive cameras, or the $8000 art school/courses. When someone can take everyday things, or even thrown out things and see the beauty in it that others dont see/take for granted – and make people stop to look and reLook, think, feel, evoke energy and emotions.. that to me is ART.

Art is one of humans form of communication, the very first, i think.

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