wat is art?

interviews and the artist perspective


TR: what is art anyway?

MT: Art is something that sits inside many things. There is an art to conversation. Some people have it, some don't. There is an art to selling something someone doesnt need. Sometimes Art resides in a painting, photograph or certain sequences of sounds. Why this is the case no one knows. Art is as much the process as the end result.

If you took a painting, a great one, and burnt it with an audience - the painting would no longer exist, but perhaps the Art would have changed from painting to the Ash of what was once great.

Thats Art, its slippery.

TR: You work across a lot of mediums, including music, video, and design. What motivates you?

MT: Well, for me it is to leave a legacy of something behind after my inevitable death at some point in the future. A day spent doing nothing is truly a wasted day.

TR: What surprises you about other peoples reactions to your work?

MT: When people say they are transfixed by my music. Or when they genuinely burst out laughing at my tshirts or videos. Having people say they are my greatest fan (i already have that happening woohoo!) Having met people over the world now, its just great to have all these people who look at my stuff and can in some weird way identify with it.

TR: Are there any subjects or inspiration that you keep coming back to?

MT: I have so many influences, and i often just shuffle and change between them. So for my music, having world music sounds is something i love coming back to. Merging electronica and phat loops with instruments in a way that they were not intended for is a lot of fun for me. I cant see myself stopping that anytime soon.
Likewise with my tshirts - I think i'll always come back to my hand drawn works whilst im scribbling in front of the news or something. So whilst i may experiment with vectors and 3d programs, its my most basic of skills in drawing that i come back to. So more robots, crazy beavers, mutants with many fingers, birds with attitudes and dr seuss style neon fish.

TR: Where do you see your art evolving to?

MT: More live shows! moving the music out of the studio and internet and into the real world. Adding visuals to the show in a similar manner to my videos i produce now, but done in real time like the music. More tshirts ! many more tshirts.

Ideally, and in the long term, i want to get into the computer game music area or the music for films - cinematography. Composing music for films or games i believe would be great fun and my music is well suited to it.

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