wat is art?

interviews and the artist perspective


Fresh from winning a recent challenge at Redbubble.com, I recently asked SanjaXOXO a few questions about her own art:

TR: What does ART mean to you?
To me…ART is the expression of oneself (emotionality, mentally, spiritually) through a subjective medium….ART to me is pure emotion and feeling…which in my case, is captured in a photograph or my writing

TR: What inspires you?
SX: Life, love, emotion, people, culture….those are my inspirations…I’m like an emotional sponge…lol (not always a good thing!)

TR: Are you spontaneous with your process, or do you plan an outcome?
SX: It really depends…if I am working with a client, then the process is more planed . I just always want to ensure that my clients get the best experience they can and that the memories I capture for them, are ones that are meaningful to them. I have to take into consideration who that person is, what is important to them, what are thy comfortable with…. because that makes the shot more natural and real…and ultimately it ends up fulfilling both my vision and theirs. In addition…. I do many self-portraits and with that I know exactly what I want to achieve before I even start the shoot. That being said, photography is such a passion of mine that there is nothing quite as satisfying for me as capturing a spontaneous moment in time…that is the beauty of photography.

TR: Your work tends to focus around people and the close-up human form. What’s this fascination about? 
SX: People are full of emotion….so I tend to gravitate towards that as I am a pretty emotional person myself. I find myself pulled into capturing those special moments, little smiles etc. because those are the things that pass us by in life…these are the moments that we cannot get back. Faces, the human body, emotions…there is nothing more beautiful and complex in life than that….so I take great pleasure and pride when I can showcase that emotional and physical complexity and beauty through my photographs.

TR: Do you have any big projects on the cards?
SX: LOL…I do =) ...I’m working on a large shoot showcasing female faces, make-up and diverse cultures. The shoot will be used for a calendar and (potentially…still in the works)...for promoting make-up products for a large Canadian based cosmetics company. I have 12 great models and some crazy ideas….and am super excited about the upcoming shoot….the calendar will be available on Redbubble in the coming weeks…and I’m sure you’ll see a journal (or two) from me if the whole project is a success =)